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Life of Financial freedom is achieved only when there is a Sync between social (Relationship) Wealth, Emotional Wealth, Health Wealth, Business Wealth and Financial Wealth.

We aim for a lifetime relationship of trust and service.

Welcome To Vaalueplus Straategic Management Solutions Cum Financial Planning Advisory Services

VaaluePlus Straategic is a Training cum Management Consulting cum Financial Planning boutique Firm which deals with Complete Wealth of Human Needs whether it is Life Wealth ,Money Wealth ,Relationship Wealth , Health Wealth and Understanding the Self Wealth which has a strange link with All these Wealth of life.

Client Testimonials

I was avoiding VaaluePlus team for a long time, thinking, they are the same old insurance agents to sell some new type of insurance policy to me but with due respects to their perseverance especially Mr shoumya, I sat with him to prepare my Financial plan with lot of apprehensions and doubts but after financial plan was ready, I realized my folly, with their cost benefit analysis, I was about to lose 2.5 crs through my foolish investments in coming years. I was too surprised that they are charging very less fee for such a unbelievable savings they have done for me. I sincerely recommend more people to do their financial plan asap and save themselves from unnecessary worries in their old age.

Mr Manoj PatilSr Manager ,RKL Steel plant

I was going through a very bad phase on certain relationships in my life ,after going through a series of personal counselling sessions conducted by Vaalueplus counselling team, I have overcome my anxieties and feeling better and confident of my relationships to prosper in coming days. I am thankful to the Vaalueplus Counselling team to bring such a huge change in my life.

Mrs Aarti Deshpande

First time, when Team Vaalueplus met me in my clinic that time i realize, I was lacking in proper financial and investment planning, keeping my age ( 53 yrs) In mind, so without delay, I joined with Mr Shoumya and His Vaalueplus Team. Now, I am satisfied with their proper realistic guidance and given me a sense of direction towards my retirement life and other Goals. So I suggest and recommend people to do financial health check up to understand their holistic financial planning process for their bright future.

Dr Kiran T. Chaudhari
Dr Kiran T. ChaudhariAiroli

I had a wrong impression that financial planning is nothing but buying more insurance but after meeting Mr. shoumya and knowing about his firm, I got to know more about Financial Plan and got a firm grip over my finances. Once Financial Plan is implemented, I got to know, how I was losing money through wrong investments in insurance related products and high EMIs are being charged for my home loan. I am really grateful to Mr. shoumya and team for timely saving me from further loss of my hard earned money. I seriously recommend people to do their Financial Plan from Vaalueplus strategic and prevent any further damage to your personal finance .

Dr Alok Jain
Dr Alok JainBDS,Andheri

I am too weak in Math so understanding personal finance was really a tough task for me in the beginning. But with their regular mails on personal finance every month in simple language is really a enjoyable journey since my association with Vaalueplus strategic. Also, apart from personal finance mails, I enjoy their relationship based mails on parenting, health and leadership, Motivational related mails are quite interesting too and implementing in my own life too.

Mrs Bharti ThakurHome Maker

Whole financial planning process of Vaalueplus strategic team is really a eye opening for me as I was thinking, managing personal finance is a individual thing which doesn’t need any outside help. I am really grateful to the Vaalueplus team for enhancing my knowledge on personal finance, preparing a goal based financial plan which has given me a direction to my messy life .

Mr Ajit kumarAccenture

I am a doctor, so couldn’t find time for insurance and proper investments. The insurance policies which were allotted to me were insufficient, disproportionate and not suitable to my needs. Today with Vaalueplus straategic financial firm by my side I am sure that I am headed in right direction. Mr shoumya has helped me realize my financial goals and a way to achieve them. I would take this opportunity and suggest everyone to have a good financial planner like the above mentioned firm.

Dr Krishnakumar Dinde
Dr Krishnakumar Dinde Airoli

I was very depressed plus full of anxiety and fear when I approached Team Vaalueplus. After taking his drug-free treatment for depression and other therapies for anxiety, today I am a confident man enjoying life. I am more efficient with my patients now. I am very thankful to him for all his hard-work and knowledge, which are Priceless. Thank You very Much

Dr. madhav

I had a volatile temper, was very depressed, and was on the verge of committing suicide. Team Vaalueplus helped me out overcome my weak areas and really helped me figure out what I need to do in my life that is best for myself.Team Vaalueplus spiritually integrated approach adds new dimension to my life. I feel a change within myself. I want to live now. Most importantly, I can control my anger.

Rajesh WaniIT professional

Awesome…I had few sessions with Vaalueplus Team regarding my problems, and these sessions have changed my life completely and positively. Thank you so much!

Raghav ReddyHyderabad

What we do:

We educate, advise and consult people on Life’s 4 important challenges i.e. Relationship challenge, Health challenge, Finance challenge and Business challenge so that People can live a life of their Dreams.

Vision :

Give a man a fish to eat, You feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, You feed him for a lifetime.



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